About Us-Servtek Materials Technology(GuangZhou) Co.,Ltd
Nano Sliver Paste Manufacturer

Servtek Materials Technology(GuangZhou) Co.,Ltd is the high-tech enterprises specializing in the production and R&D of composite conductive powder , The company has independent intellectual property rights to the world‘s leading powder production technology and production line。 After years of efforts, Servtek owns the patent in the field of silver powder, multi-layer composite powder and related paste. Now, Servtek is leading the technology including in the Advanced Nano silver Powder manufacture process with systemized Chemical reduction method, high density multi-layer composite metal powder coating manufacturing process, which can meet the environment protection requirement without heavy metal pollution and biological toxicity and also has the excellent temperature resistance properties.



At present, Servtek‘s silver coated  copper powder for application:

EMI Shield sheet

Conductive silicone rubber/Conductive rubber

EMI conducting paint

Conductive Silver paste